'An absolute breath of fresh air in the online business world!' ~ SEEN course participant

For those of you (like me) who scroll to know the price first, let me save you a sweet second - SEEN is £555 and payment plans are available.

Now onto the good stuff...

Your magic and your medicine deserves to be fully seen and fully felt.

You’re needed, and you matter more than you know. 

You can already feel the power of your soul mission, even if your mind questions it at times.

You’re innately aware that you’re here for something important because you can feel it tingle right down to your bones. You’re a change-maker, a soul-voyager, a woman with a heart-deep mission. 

You feel the pulse of your inner quest like you feel your own heart beat.

You know this is meant for you...

...but when it comes to sharing your one-of-a-kind superpower perspectives and gifts with the world, and when it comes to building your business, it doesn't quite flow in the same way that it feels on the inside. 

Instead of trusting the beat of your inner wisdom, you search for answers ‘out there’ in the hope that ‘they’ (the ones who you’ve decided know more than you) will tell you how to share your message with the world in the best ways. 

And it matters. Of course you're looking for it; that way to share your gifts with the world, because you know that your work is potent medicine for those who seek it.

Your desire to be seen and felt is inextricably linked to your desire to do what you are uniquely here to do. An adventure that you can neither avoid nor refuse. You're here, doing this work, because you can't NOT do it.

You want to be able to share and sell these wise and powerful gifts of yours with the same reverence with which you feel them in your own heart.

I want that for you too.

The advice you’re bombarded with about how to do business makes you feel weary, uneasy and just plain wrong...because it’s cutting off the depth of your magic.

As an ambitious woman, you probably also wonder if these ways you’re being told to market and sell, that feel so at odds with the nature of your gifts, are something you just have to do in order to fulfil your personal mission. 

There’s a sense that perhaps you can just hold your breath and squeeze your eyes tightly shut, do the things they say to do and then it will all be over and you can do what your soul is truly calling you to do: serve, and be sustained beautifully in return.

Hi! I’m Emma.

For the past 10 years I've been on this path of claiming my spirituality and femininity in places that they aren't usually found: In business.

It's taken me years of exploration, buckets of tears, many moments of laying on the floor begging and praying for answers to know for sure that business, making money and work can be like creating art. It can be beautiful, and nourishing. It can be feminine, playful and grounded.

I fought these ideas A LOT.

I was scared, A LOT.

But something in me knew that there had to be a way to do business and to work, as a portal to greater spiritual truths and feminine reclamation.

There is.

Discovering powerful ideas and concepts is akin to the sheer magic of finding a perfectly formed shell washed upon the shore for me.

In SEEN I’m sharing with you these pieces of treasure that I’ve collected in my own business and awakening journey so far...

They aren’t a ‘way’ or an ‘answer’ for you. Oh no... They’re a whole lot more powerful and valuable than that; they’re the keys to you unlocking your own inner truth. You’ll walk your own path to personal insights that change everything.  

Because, nobody knows your path better than you. Nobody.

What women are saying about SEEN:

'SEEN isn't 'just another course'. It's a complete shift in perspective and way of looking at marketing through new/fresh eyes. '

'It's honestly a complete reframe of business, one that soothes the nervous system and washes a sense of calmness over you like I've never experienced before since stepping into the entrepreneurial world.'

'I found myself completely relaxed listening to the audios and actually excited to work through the modules. '

'Emma has truly created something so special, magical, and unique here and I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is feeling exhausted by all of the external 'noise' and from doing ALL of the things to try and make their business work without seeing the results they hoped for.'

Get ready to start seeing the world of business through a brand new (much more easeful lens). If I could describe this course in just one word, it would be; EXHALE. A real breath of fresh air for your soul.

Finding YOUR way is the ONLY way to create long term sustainable success (whatever that means to you - because hello… not everyone actually wants a 6 figure business - but if you do that’s totally cool too). I believe that the more money women like us make, the better it is for everyone. Truly. Let that sink in. 

Seriously though, who made 6 figures or 10k months the definition of ‘success’? In SEEN you’ll be invited to define what success really means to you, taking off the layers of conditioning that have you chasing someone else's dream.

Because my love, if your heart and soul isn't in the goal... then is it really worth it? This course is for the new generation of leaders who refuse to define business success in purely monetary terms, but want to prosper too.

After all, is a profitable business really success if you’ve sacrificed your health, wellbeing or relationships for it? 

How does it work?

Let me tell you a little more about the ‘how’...

Beginning 1st October 2021 you'll discover ideas and concepts designed to re-align you with your own inner knowing. After each mini concept you’ll be invited to reflect and explore what it means for YOU. 

An important part of SEEN is you learning deeply to trust yourself and to go inside for your own answers. Think of the course content as a supportive guide that nudges you forward as you take the steps that make the most sense for you. Even though each person who joins SEEN will be hearing the same concepts - where it takes you, what you do with it, how you implement it... is all up to you.  

The course will support you to trust and open to your own truth. 

This is a sacred inner journey that you as the heroine play the starring role in. This is about you, your business, your world.

All the women that join us will enter into a Facebook group to connect and receive support personally from me.

There will be weekly Q&As for the 6 weeks that the course runs, and you can ask for support in the group at any time.

This is the ONLY time I've run SEEN as a live round, and I don't know if I will again!

You'll have access to SEEN for life & you'll receive any updates I make to the course in future too, as well as access to live rounds.

SEEN LIVE October schedule:

1st October - Course begins & unlimited Facebook group support commences.

LIVE Q&A & discussions take place weekly starting 6th October @ 1pm UK time for 6 weeks.

12th November - Course ends.

SEEN syllabus

Discover the journey...

Welcome module

Be powerfully initiated and delivered into hope and grounded-ness. You'll set strong foundations for your most authentic business.

Completion of this module leaves you feeling grounded, with deep clarity and a sense of how possible it is for your business and work to be completely, uniquely yours.

Module 1

Clear the path of what has been and set the scene for deep and lasting change.

Completion of this module delivers you into deeper awareness of what really matters to you and centres YOU as a force of love in your business.

Module 2

Initiate yourself into lighthouse energy and connect to your own magical symbols for continued guidance in life & business.

Completion of this module guides you into deeper alignment than ever before and invites you into new ways of marketing, social media and connecting with those you're here to serve.

Module 3

Expand and deepen your awareness of your own unique magic and medicine... so you cannot wait to share it! Learn how to receive for more prosperity.

Completion of this module has you excited to share your deepest wisdom with world and opens you to receiving beautifully for it.

Module 4

You are enough, I promise. Awaken to your own divinity, reclaim your value and welcome wholeness.

Completion of this module opens you to self celebration and helps you become your own biggest supporter.


A collection of extra love, magic, poetry, songs and tools to support your journey.


Access to the Aligned Branding Course so you can bring to life what you discover in SEEN in the most beautiful ways.


As this is a live round you'll also be welcomed into a private Facebook group for weekly LIVE Q&As and as much support from me as you need as you make your way through the course.

Love notes from past SEEN participants....

'Life changing, Coming home. Feeling SEEN! Allowing myself to follow my own unique way'

'My experience of this course was uplifting, relaxing and hopeful - it's full of beauty and simplicity.'

'Thank you for creating this wonderfully important course. It gave me so much permission to be my fullest self. As a projector, it honestly felt like a breath of fresh air. I actually teared up a few times because it was a huge weight off my shoulders to know that I can run my business without forcing and grinding, contrary to what the mainstream narrative has conditioned me to believe. It was like hearing my own inner truth out loud, affirming the fact that I'm not crazy for knowing that there's a different way of doing things. I feel exponentially more aligned and excited to create from this expansive place of peace and inner knowing.'

SEEN is for you if:

  • You're a service-based business owner who does deep work with others.

  • You want to share your gifts with integrity and use only fully ethical marketing and sales practices.

  • You want to enjoy the journey of your business rather than hustle and burn out.

  • You're willing to be out of your comfort zone, explore what's true for you and you definitely are NOT looking for cookie cutter strategies.

Ready to join SEEN?

Choose your most nourishing energy exchange:


Email ma[email protected] and we'll be happy to support you.